Runner Safety Pak

Personal protection and high visibility in one convenient Value Pak; specially selected for anyone who loves to run.    The conveniently-sized Mace Pepper Spray features an adjustable hand strap provides a comfort fit to keep pepper spray securely at hand while walking or jogging on campus. Remove the strap to add to your key chain or carry with the belt clip. Also features Mace's unique Flip & Grip design. Pepper spray allows you to defend yourself at a safe distance outside the arm's reach of an attacker; giving you the chance to escape with time to reach safety. Pepper spray is sometimes commonly referred to as OC spray; since it is made from Oleoresin Capsicum; a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers powerful enough to temporarily impair an attacker when coming in direct contact with their eyes; nose; and mouth. The ''Flip'n'Grip'' model is designed to be fumble-free; safe and easy to use; delivering up to 20 bursts at distances of up to 12 feet.    The Night Beams Arm Band; Shoelaces and Hat provide bright LED lamps to help make you more visible to passing vehicles. Being seen can mean being safe! Add the light up gear to your workout routine and the protection of the pepper spray with elastic hand strap; and you'll have a personal defense system that's always at the ready.  * 1 personal Mace pepper spray with removable jogger strap * 1 LED-lit arm band * 1 LED-lit baseball cap * 1 pair LED-lit shoelaces

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Runner Safety Pak Review

I bought this last week, and i am suprised! This OCM Runner Safety Pak is just wonderful! For 84.95, It has surprisingly nice quality.

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