Look Pivot 12 Binding with 115mm Brake - 2014/2015

Look Pivot 12 Binding with 115mm Brake: The all-new Look Pivot 12 reduces weight and cost while offering a more accessible DIN range for the Pivot line. The FullDrive toe offers 45mm of elastic travel, virtually eliminates the possibility of pre-release and offering superb vibration absorption and re-centering. 180 degree Multi-Directional release in the toe ensures a clean release no matter how tangled up you get. The Pivot heel clamps the boot down at 3 points, 2 of which are metal bars that laterally cup the heel for ultimate power transmission. The unique design of the turn-table heel uses far less forward pressure than conventional bindings, reducing the dead spot between the toe and heel and making for more consistent and cleaner releases. A shorter mounting point further enables the natural and progressive flex of the ski, while the turn-table naturally rotates under the tibia further smoothing out releases. Finally, the solid springs provide consistent and aggressive dampening at any release setting, eliminating the worry of pre-releasing while ripping bumps and trenching turns. Unique and peerless, but now more accessible than ever, the Look Pivot 12 will continue to be found on the skis of demanding skiers for years to come. Technical Information: Din:4-12 Construction and Features:72mm AFD, FullDrive toe, Pivot heel, 45mm elastic travel toe, 25mm elastic travel heel

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Look Pivot 12 Binding with 115mm Brake - 2014/2015 Review

This is a great and very usefull Look Look Pivot 12 Binding with 115mm Brake - 2014/2015. The quality is good but not best. I didnt expect that quality at all for that 249.95.

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