HO Hot Seat 3-Person Towable Tube

The modular design of the Hot Seat provides riders with the option of lying prone on the towable or sitting up during the ride. Pull-up strap on the Hot Seat towable allows for easy boarding. Quick-connect tow hook for fast rope hookup. Two-way Boston valves offer quick and easy inflation/deflation. 77" x 72". The Boston Valve is a screw-on, two-way valve. The bottom portion is screwed into the towable, while the top is screwed open for inflation and then tightened after inflation. Air is easily released by unscrewing the base connector. Its important not to miss a thread when screwing in the Boston Valve as it may cause the tube to slowly leak air. Boston Valves can be replaced easily.

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HO Hot Seat 3-Person Towable Tube Review

What do you want more for this kind of money? Just for 349.99 you got beautiful product by HO Sports.

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