G-SERIES Backup Camera System with Auto Dimming and OnStar

For a backup camera system which fits almost any vehicle and is virtually invisible, look no further than the G-Series Camera System. This system features the legendary G-Series Monitor and the 776 Camera which despite its small size is powerfully built to withstand all weather conditions. In addition to providing a display for your backup camera this mirror monitor also comes with auto-dimming and OnStar. This means that together with it's reflective abilities, it also dims reflected headlights automatically to reduce distraction to the driver. With built-in OnStar, all OnStar features and benefits are available with this monitor with just a push of a button. The backup camera is completely waterproof with an IP68 rating and boasts excellent night vision. The system comes included with all parts necessary for installation and a one year warranty.

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G-SERIES Backup Camera System with Auto Dimming and OnStar Review

The electronics exceeded my expected value of high quality and style Rearview Safety electronics.

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