Clam Big Tooth Juice Mag 10 Spinnerbait, Green Lantern

When it comes to fishing Clam knows what combination works the best - The Big Tooth Juice Mag 10 Spinnerbait boasts amazing flash, consistency, and maximum blade rotation. With its premium blades, Plummage ensures this bait comes to life by using soft, hand tied Marabou and just the right amount of Flashabou to increase movement, as well as light reflection for even more eye-catching detail. The Big Tooth Secret KEEL Design is in the KEELWT with BrNO Technology that is a unique keel weight built on the coil giving this spinnerbait a constant lifelike feature at various speeds. LongNek FlexWire - Longer Extended Front .051 Wires - is nearly unbreakable and adds vibrations through the water. The Big Tooth also includes ImpactBeads, a bead combination that gives it even rotations, uses solid beads rather than hollow plastic ones for less resistance on the blade clevis. ShrinkT (.

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Clam Big Tooth Juice Mag 10 Spinnerbait, Green Lantern Review

The transport was done quick , the additional look like on the picture show , pretty good quality, I wouldn't mind purchasing from the same business concern again.

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